Google Adwords vs. Search Engine Optimization for Healthcare Providers

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Search Engine Optimization is necessary in order to improve the popularity of the services and products on offer online, but so is the use of Google AdWords. Basically, search engine optimization and Google AdWords are both means to the same goal. Both are ways of improving website traffic, and both rely on the use of certain keyword phrases to boost site visibility. However, the two approaches to internet marketing vary to some extent when it comes to pros and cons, and here is a look at some of these pros and cons.

SEO Pros Over Google AdWords

One pro of search engine optimization over Google AdWords is that the latter is only useful for Google sites and sites that use Google AdSense. In contrast, search engine optimization will work with various search engines including Yahoo! Search and so forth.

Another pro of search engine optimization over Google AdWords is that with SEO, you can see the results of your work long after you have stopped optimizing your site, although the ranking may suffer over time due to neglect. With Google AdWords, as soon as you stop paying for the advertisement, you lose your site’s position in the search results ranking. So, search engine optimization has residual benefits you will not get when using Google AdWords.

SEO Cons Over Google AdWords

The most notable con of search engine optimization over Google AdWords is that it takes longer to see an impact on you site rankings with regard to search page results with this marketing technique. With Google AdWords, the results are instant because your site will appear at the top of the search results for specific keywords as soon as you pay for the advertisement. With search engine optimization, your site may remain buried in thousands of search results before finally ranking highly in search results for a specific keyword.

Google AdWords has the upside of offering the guarantee that your site will rank highly for particular keywords because you have paid to have it appear at the top of results related to the keyword. Search engine optimization is a different story altogether. You have to compete against other sites trying to employ the same technique to improve their online reputation. It is quite possible that you may never outdo these competitors, which means your site may never get the top ranking you wanted to begin with, or could get when using Google AdWords.

If you are new in the online healthcare niche you would be better off using Google Adwords as opposed to using search engine optimization. Search engine optimization for healthcare providers, or any other online enterprise for that matter, is best used with an established online operation, where the desire for immediate results is not as critical.

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When it comes down to it, as a healthcare provider, you really don’t have to pick between search engine optimization and Google Adwords, you can have both. Either method has its pros and cons. But, ultimately, each of these techniques will make your website rank better and get more traffic. However, if you want results to permeate various search engines and last longer after you stop the campaign effort, then you should go with search engine optimization. Here is a video we found that also outlines some of the comparisons: