How To Get Bartending Experience Without Being A Bartender

Bartending can be an exciting career for people who are looking to enter the hospitality industry in the New York City area. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to land a bartending position without any experience and difficult to gain experience without any basic knowledge of bartending – a real “catch 22”. In the hospitality industry there are various careers that a person could enter, such as a host, a server; however, the bartending position is one of the more enjoyable. This article will provide information on how to climb the ladder in bartending without having any bartending experience.

• If You ARE Working In A Bar Or Restaurant

If you are currently working in a bar or restaurant, one of the simplest ways to begin a bartending career is by working your way up the ranks. Restaurants and bars will typically have in-house hiring, and by speaking to your manager about your ambitions, it is likely that you will “start the ball rolling” to gaining a bartending position. Bartending with no experience is not a problem if you are already working in an eatery because you can learn bartending skills from the resident bartenders or servers.

• If You ARE NOT Working In A Bar Or Restaurant

If you are not currently working in a bar or restaurant, it is not possible to learn skills from the resident bartender or servers; therefore, you will need to approach the situation from a different angle. The best way to gain experience will be applying for possible bartending assistant positions or positions within the hospitality industry that will allow you to learn from resident bartenders.

Firstly, you should make a list of the skills acquired while working that could translate the effective bartending, such as customer service or inventory skills. Once you have drafted this list, it is necessary to craft the ideal cover letter for applications. A cover letter is essential because it helps you stand out from the crowd and allows you to state your case as to why you should be a bartender.