How Much Rent Should A Roommate Pay?

Finding a roommate is easy with ROOMMATE FINDER NEW YORK CITY, but there is some other things need to settle before you start living with the roommate. Sharing a house or apartment with someone will lower the costs for you. The problem is trying to determine how much rent your roommate should be paying. Some strategies can be used to determine how much everyone is going to be paying and you need to consider them.

The Even Split

The easiest and simplest way to determine how much your roommate will pay is to split the monthly rental costs evenly. This will work best if the rooms of the property are an equal size and each tenant of the property uses a comparable amount in utilities. Of course, some problems can come about with this rental split.

There is always the chance that one room is considered to be more desirable than another. In these cases, your roommate might argue that they have the less desirable room and should pay less for this. Your roommate may also state that they do not use the same proportion of the utilities as you and should pay less of this bill.

Split By Shape, Size And Other Property Factors

In many houses and apartments, there is going to be one room which is larger than the others or a more accommodating shape. If this is the case with your property, the person with the larger room will need to pay more. If you are all new to the property, you should have an informal discussion about the merits of each room and then choose who takes which room based on personal finances.

Splitting Utilities

If your utilities are not included in the rent, you need to look at how to split this. If everyone uses a similar amount, you can split the bill evenly. However, if one room has air conditioning and the others do not, that roommate will have to pay more because they account for more of the bill.