Talfazat TV

Watch Live Arabic TV Channels on your PC, TV and iPad

  • Watch Arabic TV Live and Online
  • Playback up to 48 hours on all Live Channels
  • Watch on TV, iPad and PC
  • High picture quality with no buffering
  • Full Access to Talfazat VOD Library
  • Channel Selection (picture-in-picture)
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Advanced Features

Excellent viewing quality

The built-in Adaptive Streaming technology allows Talfazat customers to enjoy the best picture quality with minimum bandwidth. The new Talfazat set-top box is equipped with an HDMI port as well as a new wireless adaptor.

48 Hour Automatic DVR
(Record-less DVR)

Missed an important news program or a routinely watched show? No worries. Talfazat advanced technology enables user to play, rewind, pause or fast forward any content broadcasted in past 48 hours at any given time as well as live TV, just like a DVD player. This feature is available for set-top-box, PC and Tablet (Android/iPad®) version of Talfazat service.

Channel Playback

Flexible and time saving, scene selection feature enables users to instantly jump to a desired portion of the TV program that is playing. More time to focus on enjoying your entertaining moments

Channel Selection (“picture-in-picture”)

Wondering what’s showing on the other channels? With just one button, see multiple channels simultaneously on your TV. Channel Selection feature operates very similarly to the picture-in-picture functionality which allows users to see screen shots of on-going programs without changing the channel.

EPG and Live channels

Electronic Programming Guide is one of Talfazat’s innovations, a convenient navigation for you to explore all live channels. On the PC version, press the start to add the channel in your favorite channels list, they will be easily found anytime in the future. Check out how our Electronic Programming Guide look likes on your device,


Talfazat grants you access to its vast library of shows and programs on demand. Tailor-made for seniors, kids, and those who love TV/Movie entertainment, includes classic TV dramas, movies, cartoons and documentaries. Check out how our VOD selections look like on your device,

Compare to Competition

Monthly Price - Regular Pricing $14.99 - $29.99 $50.00 to $105.00 $65.00 to $140.00 $30.00 to $55.00
Receiver $3/Month $50.00 to $250.00 $7.00 to $15.00/Month $150.00 to $400.00
Require Technician to do
No installation required Yes Yes No installation required
Installation Fees None $100.00 to $300.00 Varies No installation required
Customer Service Live Arabic speaking customer
care reps
Live customer service Live customer service No live customer support
Time Shifting Automatic 3 days time shifting on
all channels
N/A N/A 8 to 12 hours on some channels
VOD Yes No No Yes
Warranty Yes Yes Yes No
TV Everywhere Yes - on PC and TV (iPad, iPhone
and Android coming soon)
No No No
Signal Reliability No impact from weather or
dwelling location.
Location affects the signal. Weather condition and dwelling
** Coming soon to iPad, Android tablets and many other smart devices such as smart TVs

No Satellite  dish or cable package required

A huge  selection of the best Arabic television channels

Free access to "Video on Demand" library

Time shifting available on every channel

Trouble-free service and support

All Channels